Saturday, September 29, 2012

Suppressing thoughts

Sometimes, these thoughts come to your mind which never goes or keeps bothering you. There is this emotional flood in your mind. You want to take it..flush it from your mind. What you do is suppress it. It is this volcano developing inside you and you are not letting it out.
What do you do?

Either you try to kill the thought or start living with it. In either case the thought never dies. It’s a temporary solution just to run away from it. If you try to suppress your feelings it going to come back and it comes back with a greater intensity, the damage this time will be more.
Its like a disease. Say you have a headache. If without consulting the doctor you take a pain-killer, the pain will stop. It would stop for a while. The pain can actually be temporary and the medicine would work just perfect. However, what if it is not just a headache? Thinking that its just a headache we eradicate the pain with a pain-killer. We suppress the pain. What if we don’t know that this pain is developing a tumour in your head and eat you from inside, and you would not it know it soon from outside. Unless you take your headache serious and get it checked up soon.
Emotions play a similar role, you have these emotions/thoughts crossing your mind. Its causing a pain.  You avoid thinking about it and eventually time might heal the pain. Or it may come back, with more deeper thoughts. The more you avoid thinking about something, the more you end up thinking about it. Suppressing emotions are going to hurt you down the road. Dont start living with it and make it part of your life.
The anger and cynicism comes from suppressing things that we always wanted.
So let it go. Say what you feel, Get what you want, Do what you like...Life only happens once. Live it to fullest.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My First Drive in the USA...

Hmm...I could finally collect some courage to drive a car in the US. Yesterday I took a driving lesson, and I tell you the trainer was a nut...He didn’t teach much...was actually losing confidence. Honestly last evening I had actually decided to take few more lessons before driving a car.
However, we had already rented a car to I had to convince myself....Finally, today morning I sat in the car, gathered myself and said “C’mon Joe you can do it...nothing would yourself and go ahead...”
It was a Full size car.. “Honda Accord”...uff..itni badi gadi... how am I gonna take a judgement of this...was actually scared (don’t wanna disclose this, but yes I was scared)...
Honda Accord..
I started outside my apartment and took some smaller roads, drove onto small lanes of a nearby locality...some left-some right-taking a look at signals-maintaining the lane (this is so important in this country)..hearing some honks on sudden break or slow speed.....finally a half an hour round and back to my place.
By this time had a little we decided to go to a mall 15 miles away..around 20 mins drive and the ride had bridges and expressways...
Speed....Sppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddd.......It thrills......!!!!
I could comfortably drive and reach there safely...
Then it was a practice time for me...for almost 2 hrs I was just roaming in the mall to find a parking space..taking small turns..keeping an eye on all cars coming out and getting into the parking so comfortable with turns...and then came the twist!!!
There was a car halted in between the lane..I wanted to overtake the car and go ahead..I saw a car coming from opposite side and a little space to go. The car waited for friend said he a police be careful...and there... hahahaa....I lost control... a Cop...wrong lane..small*t...BANG!!!!!!Boom*&*^@@#!!!!
Yup...I banged into a Nissan Pathfinder in the parking....and there lit the colourful lights of Elizabeth Police cars....oh no...what have I done....!!!!!
So I take a little reverse and wait for Mr Cop to greet me...
He says “Are you alright miss?”
I say “Yes”
Another cop: “Do you need an ambulance miss?”
What? Ambulance....?? What happened to me?? A big node and I say “No, I am fine”
And then starts the formalities....Show your license, registration, insurance...he takes all....
He takes a look at the other car... “Man, its a bad dent”
After doing some investigations, he comes back to me.
He: “What happened to you? I waited there and gave space to you to go”
I: “I got scared seeing you”
He: “What? Every time you see a cop, you gonna get scared and hit a car :O?”
I: “No..but it is just that there was no space and I actually got scared” and we smi
led..what else I could do or say ;)
He: “Ok, I need to report this as an accident case”
What? Accident? You just met with an accident Miss Jyoti Agarwal!!OMG!! Its ok....nobody is hurt...its just the car..
I just prayed the owner doesn’t come would have killed me or abused me badly ..donno what will he do....
I, my car, and other car..all were insured so that was fine....
The police went back to his car.....after a long wait..he comes back..
Cop: “Ok Miss...Technically I should make a ‘Careless driving’ case against this..” Looking at the dent on the opposite car... “You see its a damage....”. I node... “However, I would report this as you lost control of the car will getting out of parking...Ok?”
I with my broad smile.. “Thank you so much”
I made these scratches :(
Phew...I was a little relaxed hearing this...then some more details...and I am good to go...
Another few turns...and i am done... I asked friend to find a parking now and park it...finally we found a parking...
By the time we were out of the mall, it was already dark...Night driving...oh god..another test now....
Drove for few miles...missed few turns...heard some honks....and lost it...Stop it...let me relax...I will drive after some time..I took a break....and then after reaching my area.....I took the control of the steering again....with some more hiccups.... another 20 mins of driving...I reached home safe and sound....and ofcourse people on the street are also safe now. driving isn’t easy...but yes it is not something impossible....
And c’mon it was such a big car...and that to on US roads...I mean its obviously a little scary for first timer ;)
Had a little dance at home to celebrate my driving J
All and all...enjoyed my first driving experience...!!!


Monday, October 3, 2011

A walk in the rains...

Its October already, the time is flying.. Fall has arrived and it would be winter soon. Was I missing something? Yes, I was missing the walks in New York Central Park. It was many weekends that I was so lazy to get up from the bed and go out. But this weekend after all ups and downs with my friends, I had decided to go for a walk in the biggest park in New York, The Central Park.

I planned leaving right after my lunch, but unfortunately it started raining ( of this country so unpredictable). I waited for some time and was very determined to go out today. I finally picked up my camera and was in the Central Park, NY by 5:30.
As it rained earlier in the afternoon, it was a pleasant weather to enjoy. It was so peaceful. I thought I would walk there forever.

Angels of Water in Summer/Fall (Rains) :(

Very few people were in the park as compared to the summer times where the park is full of colourful people and events all over. Few kids with their parents and most enthusiastic ad dedicated joggers.
After an hour of walk, it started raining. I actually love rains (but was not able to get wet as I was not carrying any jacket and I had to get back home as well ;))
It was fun watching the water pouring, enjoyin
g the wind blowing to your face.
Empty Benches..Waiting for someone...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Me and my Michelle

Today, 29 April 2011, me and Michelle, my cute purple TVS Scooty Pep complete 6 years of togetherness. It was the time when I was in my last year of college and I got placed in Tech Mahindra (formerly MBT), I told my sis that I want a new scooter and I am not going to office on my tiny Bajaj Sunny.

TVS had launched all fancy color at that time and I select ma favorite Purple… 29 April 2005, my cousin delivered the bike at my sister’s workplace with the fuel tank full ;). When I was doing a pooja for my bike, I got a news that I am blessed with another cousin brother.

A friend suggested the name Michelle and from then I call her Michelle.

Since then my bike is giving me company with all my times. She is my best buddy. We always have a good time together. I love to drive my scooty. I haven’t given her much trouble, and drove it mostly in the city areas. She shared all my joys, I could drive it fast when I am very excited and she makes sure I don’t lose control. There are times when I am very sad and want to cry, she is there to wipe my tears. When I cry while driving, she makes me concentrate on driving and forget my sorrow for some time.

It’s very rare that I give my scooty to anyone to ride. I am very possessive about her and don’t want anyone to play around with it. Me and my elder sis always fight over this issue (I never give her my Michelle and she keeps complaining to Mom but I never listen ;)). I don’t even give to Dad if I am not at the backseat. There are very few lucky people who must have got a chance to ride my sweetheart.

The only minor accident I remember I had was when on a crossroad another bike has hit us and left brake was broken and some minor crack here and there, and me without a scratch.

Once, which I rarely do, I lost the keys to unlock Michelle and my dear had misplaced the other key L. I had to call the key maker to make a duplicate key and had ended in changing the lock itself.

6 Years and only more than 22,000 of running and a great average of more than 40 kmpl (Touchwood)

Love you my dear Michelle. Hope we have a long journey together.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

India Vs Pakistan

INDIA Vs Pakistan in Semi-final of World Cup 2011..The mother of all the matches This got confirmed after India's win against Australia in the Quarter Finals and since then the only thing that was discussed all round the world was THE match..
More than cricket it was the old rivalry between the countries..

Pressure was mounting from everywhere and for everyone..Be it sms, mails, facebook, twitter..only comments was the mouth watering match...
Sleepless nights was the case with every Indian and Pakistani..
Everybody was just praying from the bottom of the heart for a win..
The war in the West has taken a backseat, this was a much bigger war...

And the day in history of cricket arrived 30 March 2011, India starts with winning the toss and electing to bat first. Team was declared, Ashwin was out and Ashish Nehra (after the weak match against SA) was playing today..I am sure most of us doubted this decision today but was surely very glad the way Nehra bowled today.. as the match started everyone was glued to their TV sets.. I think my entire office w
as in the canteen where the match was played on a big projector screen...There was not a single person on the street....
Sehwag gave a good start..lost his wicket and ppl got tensed..slowly and steady India was progressing.. Our God of cricket, Mr Tendulkar, had all his good luck and people's blessing with him.. The LBW decision was turned down, the stumped appeal resulted a not out, 4 catches drop (Pakistani really have butter finger ;)) and finally a spectacular innings from the great man for 85 runs..
And not to forget the great efforts of Suresh Raina for taking us to a decent score of 260 after 50 overs..The streets were so empty during the match..and 20 mins inning break..ppl were just rushing back home from their offices (including me, I just took 15 mins and made sure I don't miss a single bowl)
You could see big ppl in the stadium, PMs for India and Pakistan, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, Amir Khan, Pretty Zinta, Sharad Pawar, directors of ICC and list goes on...
A nail biting innings from Pakistan..
Every bowl or bat, ppl give their special suggestion, oh this should have been play
ed this way, oh the bowl should have swinged more..blah blah..
But I really say hats off to the players..when we sitting at home can be so much tensed, what would be their condition..Today, team India really showed their best with bowling and fielding.. They were fit enough to stop those singles and keep the pressure building on the opponents...
All and all, a great WIN for our Team India.. And I could only hear the drums hitting and see the fireworks and ppl on the streets cheering INDIAAAaaaaaa...INDIAAaaaaa...
Nothing can be merrier than winning a match against specially Pakistan..
Fantantic match..It Diwali in the month of March for Indians.... Party everywhere....

And guess what, the world is Bleeding Blue today.. :):)

Congratulations to all of us...
ALL THE BEST for the finals...
Jai Hind!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't lose your mind LOSE YOUR WEIGHT

I never thought I would read a book on dieting. But this once is amazing (As its not about Dieting).

The cover page of the book is very attractive and colorful ‘Don’t lose your mind LOSE YOUR WEIGHT’. (I love the apple on it)

The hottest topic of discussion for every girl was Kareena’s size zero figure. And trust me somewhere every girl wants a perfect figure and not actually size zero.

The author Rujuta Diwekar just comes with that point. She has laid 4 simple principles to stay health and fit (and that’s what we need). She simply starts with explaining that Diet is not starvation. Diet is not punishing your body. Everything we eat is right and the only thing is that we need to eat at the right time.

Simple thing, we should love our body and specially our stomach. We should know its threshold limits. Sitting posture while eating, chewing slowly, eating with all senses, these are basic things which we never care to even give a consideration. We just need to think about nutrients in the food and not about the calories.

She gives us all the details about carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and most importantly WATER. A brief on what to eat and how to eat it.

The four principles would really change your life and improve your eating habits. Eating first thing in the morning, eating every 2 hours, eating more when you are more active and less when less active and eating your dinner early.

She does clarifies are myths and give good recommendations with some real life examples (and somewhere we do relate to it). She recommends eating local food like ‘Eat local and think global’. After all Punjabi’s are meant to eat paranthas and south Indians are suppose to eat the idlis and dosas.

And yes, her main focus is EXERCISE. Exercise is non-negotiable. Unless we exercise, no eating habit is gonna help us.

This book is not only for the ones who want to lose their weights but for all of us who want to stay fit.

So, guys and girls, I suggest read this book at least once and you really start appreciating your body.

Ok, to be honest, I have started following these principles from last one week, I will not say there is a change, but I really feel good about it. There is no guilt feeling for anything I eat, I just make sure I am eating it at the right time. If the time is not right, I prefer skipping it J.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010...A year for me...

2010 was smooth start. Year started with a family outing at Diveagar beach, lot of fun in the sea and full time masti with cousins. What a relaxing weekend it was..!!

It was a year when I had first time cut 4 cakes on my birthday; One delivered from my best friend at midnight, yummy chocolate cake; Two, with my friends early in the morning; Three in the office, my all time favourite Baker’s Basket chocolate cake (its simply delicious) and fourth one from my dear mom the sweet blackforest cake. many calories in one day :P
February came with very good news, my most awaited promotion at work with an outstanding rating. Phew, after working hard for 3 years in the project I finally got promoted to the next role. Even though salary was not that amazing but I was still happy (something is better than nothing after the bad recession time).
March: Another trip to Diveagar beach but this time with my buddies. He have being planning a trip from last 3 years and finally all of us could take some time from our busy schedule and enjoy a weekend. Forgetting all our worries and frustration, we had a wonderful time.
By the month could end, I came to know that I would be travelling to New York, US in April. Wow, what an excitement it was. Shopping, packing and hell lot of work in office. :)
And one sad part was my team lead and my lifetime buddy now
was leaving the organization. Her absence is still felt, though we are still in regular touch.

April to September in USA: Amazing amazing amazing time of life. I could be on it that this was the bestest period of my life. I had never had so much fun and got a chance to be myself ever like this. I did, I ate, I shopped, I wore, I roamed the way I liked.
I could take one of the biggest decision of my life (hoping that it is best for me...and I know it is). Life moves on. Everything happens, happens for good.

Anyway, so US was an awesome time, it
was all Summer when I was there so every weekend I used roam around with my dearest friends. Thanks to them they really made it happened for me and my darling daddu who had clicked thousands of snaps of mine on every nook and corner i demanded :). To be honest, I have around 5000 snaps clicked :O. Hats off to you guys for bearing me so much :).
I did try my hands on cooking and lots of successful (for me) experiments (I pity all those who had to actually eat it...but it was not that bad..ok!!!) :P
The memories are still so fresh in my mind.
October-November: Time back home. Its always good to be home and in my lovely city Pune.
It was just a running around time. My best friend was getting married. With all the ups and downs during these two months, she finally got married and happily living her married life (she said so at least :)).
Not to forget , I lost an opportunity which would have given my career a new turn.:((
And the year came to end with another wedding and this time it was my dearest Daddu who got married to the love of his life. Beautiful wedding and we all had lot of fun pulling his leg.
So, another fantastic year comes to an end.

Waiting eagerly for the next year to unfold all the surprises it has for me.
Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May all our dreams carried forward from this year and new ones get fulfilled in 2011. :)