Saturday, September 29, 2012

Suppressing thoughts

Sometimes, these thoughts come to your mind which never goes or keeps bothering you. There is this emotional flood in your mind. You want to take it..flush it from your mind. What you do is suppress it. It is this volcano developing inside you and you are not letting it out.
What do you do?

Either you try to kill the thought or start living with it. In either case the thought never dies. It’s a temporary solution just to run away from it. If you try to suppress your feelings it going to come back and it comes back with a greater intensity, the damage this time will be more.
Its like a disease. Say you have a headache. If without consulting the doctor you take a pain-killer, the pain will stop. It would stop for a while. The pain can actually be temporary and the medicine would work just perfect. However, what if it is not just a headache? Thinking that its just a headache we eradicate the pain with a pain-killer. We suppress the pain. What if we don’t know that this pain is developing a tumour in your head and eat you from inside, and you would not it know it soon from outside. Unless you take your headache serious and get it checked up soon.
Emotions play a similar role, you have these emotions/thoughts crossing your mind. Its causing a pain.  You avoid thinking about it and eventually time might heal the pain. Or it may come back, with more deeper thoughts. The more you avoid thinking about something, the more you end up thinking about it. Suppressing emotions are going to hurt you down the road. Dont start living with it and make it part of your life.
The anger and cynicism comes from suppressing things that we always wanted.
So let it go. Say what you feel, Get what you want, Do what you like...Life only happens once. Live it to fullest.

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  1. Yes very true....
    we all always keep on saying i love to do this but... but... and but....

    Its time to shun the but and go get what you want.... and in the way you want....